Friday, June 12, 2020

Medicinal Marijuana: Methods and Uses on the Human body

Medicinal Marijuana
At present, the use of marijuana for medical purposes has gained increased attention because so many people have realized the benefits it offers to the human body. In fact, research has also proven that medicinal marijuana is capable of providing instant relief from disorders like nausea, seizure, anxiety, depression, among others.

What is medicinal marijuana? 
Medicinal marijuana is a term used in describing the use of marijuana for medical purposes. The cannabis plant contains over 100 active cannabinoids; however, only two works for medical purposes; they are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol).
CBD is non-psychoactive; this implies that you won’t get high just by consuming CBD. Besides, it is also non- addictive. THC, on the other hand, is psychoactive; it is responsible for the traditional high experienced by most cannabis users.
Although both cannabinoids offer similar health benefits, CBD is preferred by medical cannabis users due to its non-psychoactive effect. However, to be used for medicinal purposes, the CBD product must be extracted from marijuana cultivated under a hygienic condition without the use of toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

How does medicinal marijuana work?
CBD works by interacting with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system (a system responsible for regulating vital body functions such as sleep, mood, and boosting the immune system). This interaction results in a therapeutic effect that causes relief from pain, anxiety, depression, or various medical conditions.
Although the FDA has not approved the use of CBD for medical purposes, a few scientists, such as Dr. Allan Frankel, have documented his success in using medical marijuana in treating several medical conditions.
 Other ailment supported by the healing properties of marijuana includes Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Seizures, epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, anxiety, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, and migraines.

Methods of administering medical marijuana
Medicinal marijuana can be administered using different methods that include
  • Smoking: To get an instant effect, smoking CBD oil should be your best consumption method. Smoking is the most popular way of consuming CBD among recreational marijuana users. The significant benefit of smoking is that it gets to the endocannabinoid system faster to provide instant relief. 
  •   Vaping: Vaping is perfect for people who want to enjoy cannabis without inhaling smoke. It involves the use of vaporizers to heat marijuana and inhaling the vapor. Vaping is one of the safest ways to consume cannabis. 
  • Sublingual delivery: Medical marijuana can also be taken sublingually by ingesting under the tongue to get instant relief. This method is perfect for non-smoking patients.
  • Topically: CBD can also be used topically on the skin in the form of lotion, ointment, balm, and cream. Applying CBD utilizing this method is perfect for the treatment of arthritis, skin inflation, or muscle pain.

Finally, the use of medicinal marijuana has gained increased popularity due to the benefits it offers to the human body. CBD had proven to be effective in the treatment of different types of medical conditions. However, it is vital that every medical marijuana user buy CBD products from companies that make use of organically grown marijuana, which are lab- tested for purity.


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