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Treatments for COVID-19 using CBD launched in Israel|

Treatments for COVID-19 using CBD launched in Israel|

With the world at the mercy of the deadly coronavirus, doctors are racing towards a treatment to face off against this formidable disease. Coronavirus, also referred to as the COVID-19, has infected millions with about 2.5 million cases confirmed, coupled with more than 160,000 deaths at the hands of this pandemic. Inside the human body, the said virus causes a deadly respiratory disease that has dumbfounded doctors worldwide with no sign of a cure up till now.
Doctors all over the world have been launching treatments throughout, grasping for anything that may lead to a solution. Similarly, in Israel, research labs are starting to launch treatments, three of which included the use of cannabis. CBD Oil has been gaining quite a lot of popularity in the medical industry and it is high time that more complicated treatments employ its use as well.

Exosomes and CBD
This past Friday, InnoCan Pharma announced that its subsidiary, InnoCan Pharma Ltd. of Herzliya, is in collaboration with Tel Aviv University in the fight against COVID-19, using cannabidiol (CBD) loaded exosomes in the process (exosomes are small structures that are attached to cells that form upon the multiplication of stem cells). The research done in the process is to be tested on several patients with lung infections. It is said to be a revolutionary measure in the research industry, according to a press release.
The treatment includes the provision of CBD to the patients using an inhalation technique through exosomes. This method is said to use CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties in order to help the infected lung cells recover. Research on animals proves that CBD oil does contain anti-inflammatory properties but in regards to coronavirus, no proof is currently present.

Combination of Steroids with CBD

The second research promoted a combination of CBD and steroid as a treatment. The trial has not been conducted yet. Though it is planned to be conducted on ten patients infected with COVID-19 who are currently amidst steroid treatments at the Israel Rabin Medical Center. If proof of improvement is found, the treatment will be further stretched to an additional 40 hospitals with COVID-19 patients.
For hospitalized patients, steroid treatments are pretty common, being the first or second line of treatment for them. With CBD, the therapeutic effect of the steroids is enhanced in the ongoing treatment. CBD also treats the bio-mechanism affected by the virus, according to the press release issued.

Israel based CBD R&D company Stero Biotechs is co-operating with one of its major shareholders, Mor Research Applications, the largest HMO in Israel, to hold this trial. Back in August 2018, Stero Biotechs had a patient undergoing the said treatment. Even at that time, the company said that this method “has the potential of minimizing the dangerous effects of steroids.”

Anti-inflammatory Properties of Cannabis

As we dive further into research, the third study examines whether cannabis can slow down the infections in the lungs, caused by COVID-19, due to CBD Oil’s well-known anti-inflammatory properties.
The study was particularly launched to test the effectiveness of cannabis on COVID-19 patients with moderate symptoms. This was held by the Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Medical Center. A professor at Beilinson Hospital even reported that if the anti-inflammatory properties help in stopping the COVID-19 in patients, it could be huge news for medicine everywhere.
Following this process, a company has been founded by Ethan Russo, an American neurologist as well as a CBD researcher, and Nishi Whitely, his business partner, aiming to develop the concept of cannabinoid-centered innovations, thus opening opportunities of advancements in the medical industry. Russo opened up in an interview saying that this treatment could be a safe, cheap, and effective way to deal with the situation at hand. He went on to say that the main objective was not only to extinguish COVID-19 but also to fight against a variety of fungi and bacteria.

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